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Everyone has a story to tell... things we should have said. Somewhere, someplace, somehow….someone needed to hear from you. Whether to praise them or chastise them….a story to tell! Tell us what happened.

A Penny (actually, many pennies) For Your Thoughts

Join Our Contest!

Our Contest - A Penny For Your Thoughts.   Your words are priceless, but now you can make yours pay off. Think you have the right words you'd like to see on a Cardabunga card? Submit one or a hundred. Our crack (not on crack) editorial staff reviews submissions weekly and selects the finest of the fine, anointing them as a Cardabunga Kahuna AND we pay you $50 for every one selected, plus you receive 50 of your own authored cards . . . But wait, there's more!

Cardabunga.com's Favorite Video This Week

We all laugh at different things. See if you can determine Cardabunga's collective humor by the video we have chosen as our weekly favorite. Yes, we fight weekly over which video will get posted. The winner has been determined by rock/paper/scissors, wrestling matches, and other methods.

If you have a video you think we should share, please email us the link and we will include it in our review. (Please, nothing raunchy or bloody.)






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