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Everyone has a story to tell... things we should have said. Somewhere, someplace, somehow….someone needed to hear from you. Whether to praise them or chastise them….a story to tell! Tell us what happened.

A Penny (actually, many pennies) For Your Thoughts

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Our Contest - A Penny For Your Thoughts.   Your words are priceless, but now you can make yours pay off. Think you have the right words you'd like to see on a Cardabunga card? Submit one or a hundred. Our crack (not on crack) editorial staff reviews submissions weekly and selects the finest of the fine, anointing them as a Cardabunga Kahuna AND we pay you $50 for every one selected, plus you receive 50 of your own authored cards . . . But wait, there's more!

Pull a Message Card From Your Pocket and Get Your Point Across Fast!

Our Products

Our mini cards express what you want to say in a way that will make your point. Use them to instantly express your dissatisfaction with a restaurant experience, let a noisy movie- goer know that they are ruining the show for others, or identify the selfish parker as a thoughtless and delusional "VIP" (Very Idiotic Parker). Our mini cards are also great for letting someone know you're interested. It may be a crowded and noisy bar or concert, or maybe just an event where you want to meet someone new. Cardabunga will supply you a creative way to gain their attention and make an impression! Order Now! It's easy. Order one type or our variety pack where you can customize your choice of cards. See how easy and fast it is to get your point across!

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