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Everyone has a story to tell... things we should have said. Somewhere, someplace, somehow….someone needed to hear from you. Whether to praise them or chastise them….a story to tell! Tell us what happened.

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2012-07-12 - submitted by rwilkinson
No Problem
"No problem!" If I hear one more store clerk or restaurant server tell me that why my sincere "thank you" is "no problem" I'm going to slap them silly with their own check holder! Of course it's not a problem. What ever happened to "your welcome" as the appropriate response? When I say thank you for refilling my water glass, taking my order or processing my credit card when it's time to check out, I don't ever expect it to be a problem. So why do I want to hear "no problem?" No problem is when I'm choking on a chicken bone and my attentive server saves me with a well-timed Heimlich! No problem is when the store clerk tackles a would-be robber who tries to make an exit with my wallet! Or how about the server who runs down the street to obtain my favorite type of wine so that they can offer it as part of the dining experience? Now these examples should be "the problems" that are handled with the type of modesty and genuine desire to help that warrants a "no problem" retort.

2012-07-11 - submitted by janepowers
Misfits of Parking
Wow, this is fun stuff. I wish I had the ability to make a tow truck appear whenever I see an able bodied person drive up to a handicapped parking space and jump out of their car. Do you have a card for this that I can put on their windshield?





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