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Everyone has a story to tell... things we should have said. Somewhere, someplace, somehow….someone needed to hear from you. Whether to praise them or chastise them….a story to tell! Tell us what happened.

A Penny (actually, many pennies) For Your Thoughts

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Our Contest - A Penny For Your Thoughts.   Your words are priceless, but now you can make yours pay off. Think you have the right words you'd like to see on a Cardabunga card? Submit one or a hundred. Our crack (not on crack) editorial staff reviews submissions weekly and selects the finest of the fine, anointing them as a Cardabunga Kahuna AND we pay you $50 for every one selected, plus you receive 50 of your own authored cards . . . But wait, there's more!

Poor Service? We've Got a Card For That

Welcome to Cardabunga.com!

Cardabunga is a media company that knows that communication is all about messaging: the right words, at the right time in the right setting! We create messages on mini cards that express what you want to say . . . instantly.

Want to tell your restaurant server that they don't deserve a tip? How about telling an attractive person you're interested? Let that thoughtless driver know that they should learn how to park? Cardabunga helps you find the right words. Words mean something so make them count!

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Why Cardabunga?

We've all been tongue-tied on occasion; sometimes our brain is momentarily out-to-lunch. Other times we know what we want to say, but a verbal expression would be inappropriate or ineffective. Or the right thought comes to mind an hour later and we think, "I wish I would have said that!" Let Cardabunga speak for you instantly!





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